So I had a well deserved week of work , and tomorrow it all goes back to the dreaded “NORM” getting up at stupid o’clock to go to work . Although its back to reality tomorrow , I had a lovely week and have lots of photos to show !. I didn’t go on holiday as I’ve said before saving is my main goal at the moment , but a cheeky holiday is well needed next year!. I would appreciate if any of you have any ideas where to go , we are looking for a beach holiday but with a bit of adventure & Wildlife thrown in!.

Back to my Week.. sdfsdSo I went to  Hatton country farm with my parents and the dog. Cornish Vanilla Ice-cream to start my week of was lovely especially on a gorgeous day looking out on the fields . Also a trip to the farm shop to grab some chutney and cheese MMM. . I did a few jobs that needed to be done which I never had the chance to do as I work full time. I also went to Leamington spa ( my favourite place in west midlands) to do a spot of charity shopping – I love hunting down gems and Leamington is honestly the best place to find great & CURRENT fashion in there charity shops. Its unbelievable some of the stuff I have brought , on Monday I spotted a Yves Saint Lauren navy suit for £80!! . I dont really bother with high street shops anymore only if I have left things to the last minute and I desperately need an outfit. I just see there is no point as you can

basically find it in the charity shops for cheaper ! . Topshop , ASOS, Jack Wills , River Island , Ted Baker , The Kooples , Whistles , Burberry and more ! , I have found all these brands in Leamington spa charity shops and you can do to ! you just have to do a really good search ! . However the only thing I have realised now is they have started to up the prices on high street branded fashion, I see this a lot in the Birmingham city centre shops which is really annoying because some items are the same price as when the item was back in the store!. I brought 10 new items and currently obsessing over them , next up is to get my winter wardrobe ! Ill keep you all posted ..

Next up I went to the Cube for my friends 40th birthday from work which was lovely, Ladies do Lunch and we do it frigging Good!. Champagne and FOOD, Lots of food thanks to Rodizio Rico. Brazilian Restaurant where the waiters come round with stacks of meet , you have a card to say if you want food or not , its pretty cool. I wasn’t really looking forward to going to this restaurant as a newbie Vegetarian I knew I would probably be tempted and there wasn’t going to be many

Veggie options but to my surprise I was greeted by one of my favourite things…A BUFFET. A Buffet with VEG and FISH, it was great ! . Also one of the waiters clocked I wasn’t taking the meat and asked if I was vegetarian, he then brought out a big plate full of veggie options which was great that they thought of me instead of just leaving me to the buffet table ( which was just for starters ). Next up It was me and my partners 6 year anniversary in which he treated me out to a night in Birmingham dining at the bank restaurant. The high light of the night was going to this hotel he had booked online , I thought “oo maybe hes going to pull this out of the bag as he has a bad track record organising dates bless him”  but as I stepped through that door I was greeted by what could only look like a backpackers retreat- Tiny & Cramped. When you enter the bathroom it was like one of those wet rooms , so you could be on the toilet and having a shower at the

same time….NICE. We had a giggle about it , it was something different I suppose , but he may need some help in the future booking for anniversary…errr Nahh leave it to the woman hey!?. The next day we had a lovely breakfast in Boldmere at The Deli ( that was my idea !) , it was so nice to just chill and completely forget about work for once – Where I work it is very stressful and unfortunately your voice is not always heard so its nice to just step away from that and not feel completely ignored all the time.  I also had time to meet up with friends & family which was great and sometimes it just good to connect with friends & family and just get all those problems of your chest. Now I am just sitting my bed typing this up with a massive gloomy cloud over my head dreading tomorrow, hopefully when we get to Tuesday ill feel a little bit better. Wish me luck !.


Amy Xx


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