Taking Time out

Hey followers !,

I know its been a while since I last posted but I needed to take some time out and focus on myself e.g SORT MY BLOODY LIFE OUT. Since I turned 26 I have constantly been thinking about the position I am in and my future ,Am I really in the position I want to be at the moment?….well no. I would love to be in my Photography/Videography business and yes I have been doing small photography jobs to try and get there but feel I have been slacking due to low confidence. I have been having waves of doubt constantly through out the year thinking am I really worthy of running my own business? What if I mess up? What about what other people may think about my work?. After taking 3 weeks of trying to focus on myself I have realised, Why have I spent so long thinking about what other people may think and delaying my passions in life?.I have spent most of my life as a worrier , there has been parts of my life where I have had a shot of confidence and excelled for maybe an hour then Anxiety and low confidence has hit me and those moments have become long distant memories. I am sure all people who have wanted to do what they love have had doubts in their lifes but am I really going to spend the next 10 years of my life ignoring my passions and crying at the end what if?. My plan this weekend is to draft up a business plan and get out there and start snapping aswell as learning more about running a business and enhancing my creative skills. If I have any creative followers from a photography or videography background that would love to come forward and give me some advice..please do ! I would really appreciate it . This week especially today I have felt soo positive and feel its time I gave myself that kick up the backside that I have needed for so long. Lets just say people I AM BACK BABY and this time I am doing what I want to do and not giving a fuck about worrying !. Sometimes in life in order to reach your dreams you got to grab doubt by the balls and pop that sucker in order to move forward, and Thats what Im going to do 🙂.

Oh and Don’t worry!..I shall be blogging a lot more on here and uploading my work so keep a look out!.


Amy Eliza Xx



Winter is coming people so lets bring on the SUNDAY DUVET DAYS.

I love to just get in my Pjs , crawl into my bed , cup of tea on the side , and with my laptop in front of me playing films all day. Now with the big chill coming I don’t feel the need to go out Sundays , maybe for a walk in the park but my favourite thing to do at the moment is stay in bed and watch films. Maybe because Im a year older this year, I have taken up a new hobby …doing f*** all or maybe its because I work Monday-Friday and just need to recharge myself before another week of the same old. When it comes to Duvet days, films are important and I have my 8 favourite Duvet day films to share with my followers. Let me know what you think? do you agree or tell me what your favourite Duvet day films are.


1.The Devil Wears Prada


Because who doesn’t love The Devil Wears Prada?! .

2. The Nightmare before Christmas


The one film I can watch on repeat all day long and never get bored of it, Tim Burton is one of my Role Models and this is one of my favourite movies that I have grown up with.

3. Bridget Jones Diary


We have all been there..right?!. I LOVE BRIDGET!.

4.Sex and the city the Movie


I love the SEX ,everything about the SEX, I am a sex and the city GAL.

5. Ten things I hate about you


90’s Teen movies and this is one of my favourites. I think this where our love for Heath Ledger started..

6.Factory Girl


Because you got to have a bit of Drama on Sundays?!.

7.Mrs Doubtfire


Me and my friends always have a laugh with this one , continuously quoting Mrs Doubtfire and will do until the day I die because its just a bloody masterpiece!.

8.The Neverending Story


Another Childhood film that I adore! and it always brings tears to my eyes when that paticular scene comes on ( I think we all know what Im talking about!), I think we all wanted a pet luck dragon after watching this!.


Amy Xx

When to put a Bitch in her place

we have all been there , jealously can turn a good person into a very ugly person and I think being a female we  have all come across this at one point in our lifes ,  whether it be in High school , Family , Friends , or at work . The fact is Girls can be vicious and jealously can drive them to it or boredom. Take it from my experience at high school where I had a group of girls who thought it was fun to gang up on me now and again , Why? , I dont know but sometimes girls dont have to have a reason. I am doing this post because I wish there was some one around at that horrible time in my life to tell me to get some balls and stand up to petty girls like this. So whether you are being bullied , feeling left out , or just feeling hurt by women , here is a few tips and my story to hopefully help you through this and overcome bullying.


Analyse the Situation

Calling you Names? embarrassing you ? physcial harming you ? are you questioning your safety? then you are a victim. Some times you just need to sit back and take things in ( and I don’t mean sit back and deal with it), its weird to say but sometimes people dont even know when they are being bullied!. For me , it was just a few snide comments but sometimes they would throw them at other people in the class so I just thought it was part of their personality and just teasing some of the lads in the class.I think the first time I realised it was when they interfering with my relationship ( we were “seeing” each other) They would say really hurtful things to him “She doesn’t deserve you” ” did you know she’s cheated on you”. I didn’t get it and thats when it clicked because funny enough those group of girls were my friends and they all turned on me because thats was there little game. Thats what It was like through out year 8 – it was a bit like duck duck goose – every month they would pick someone out of the group to turn on and see how far they could go to push them.

Dont just deal with it Kid.

What I have learned from my experience is to not keep quiet , they feed of quietness and cowardliness. I was quiet for 2 weeks and I was given them all the entertainment they needed , they isolated me , they made fun of me , they embarresed me , and they even ruined my art picture!- it was a pretty peacock and they completely splashed paint all over it . I remember the Art teacher questioning me about it and I just kept quiet because I was scared incase they found and strangely enough I still wanted to be their friend. I still wanted to put up with all the abuse just to have some one to sit next to , so I didn’t look like a “loser”- I wish I could go back in time and just shake myself silly!. How much is enough? am I going to keep on going until they follow me home? harm my family? harm me physcially? How much is enough?-Lets not wait until it can get a little bit unbearable , lets act straight away and speak up!.So thats what I did next…


Have your say.

So I told them what I thought of them , I finally said “what the hell is your problem”. In which sometimes a bully doesnt like it when the victim speaks up however I wasnt dealing with one bully , I was dealing with 4 bullies. If you stay quiet , you are an easy target and me saying this , threw them of balance. However I said one sentance and they all gave back with bloody paragraphs at me and I  just lost my confidence again. I didnt stand my ground and my body language was weak. I could of said a lot more , I wanted to say a lot more but I didn’t , I got scared and shyed away .Unfortunately I felt there was never going to be light at the end of the tunnel and blamed myself for being bullied resulting in self harming – which is something I never feel comfortable talking about and don’t want to disclose that dark time on quite a chirpy positive blog I have going here !.


Tell someone

A lot of victims get to this point and feel like this is the worse thing they should do , but its actually the best thing. Thoughts swarm through your head , no one will help me , I will be bullied more , I cant rat out my so called “friends”. I had all this running through my head but it wasnt until one of the popular girls saw me crying that she demanded to know what was wrong. What happened next was extraordinary and consider myself very lucky , I honestly felt like someone looking down on me that day and answered my prayers , Enough is Enough. I was brought to the dining table full of the popular kids ( I was always very scared to talk to them , they had a tight group and the lads loved them) , the ring leader told me to tell everyone what happened. I didnt know these people well however they saw I was upset and to my amazement they all stood up for me. Next thing that happened was that I was lead out in the playground with a massive group of girls surrounding me like I was in a wolf pack and I was their precious cub walking towards the Bullies. I didn’t know what to expect next , I didn’t know if I had to talk or just sit back and watch the show…Oh god am I being lead into a physical fight?! SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT BALLS.



The final Straw , TAKE THEM DOWN

When we approached the bullies , I have never seen them so frightened in all my life, their faces went bright red and they looked like a bunch of confused seagulls. The ring leader comfronted them and asked why had they been bullying me. None of them knew what to say , they started looking at each other and trying to read each others minds to come to a decision of there so called “reason” for bullying me was. I thought to myself why am I sitting back and letting someone else deal with my battles? and thats when I stepped forward and had my say. I was suddenly bursting with confidence , anger , and all my emotions of how I had been feeling for the past 2 weeks came flooding back but I didnt let them know I was upset.  I stepped forward and Ill never forget what I said that day but this is what I said… ” I have put up with your shit for 2 weeks now , I have been nothing but a good friend to all of you and you have all treated me like rubbish. I dont ever want to be friends with any of you , you have made me feel so small but looking at you all now I no longer feel small. I am a better person then all of you put together and the Whole school will now know that you are sad pathethic bullies , who wants to be friends with losers like you lot?! I rather eat crap then associate with you losers”. I walked away and  I heard a massive cheer not only by girls but by Boys and dinner ladies! that was the first time in a long while I turned round and smiled at my attackers- want to know what their reaction was ?!…


Yep They were trying so hard to fight back the tears and you know because Im such a good person – I felt a little bit bad however I will never forget that moment I didnt walk away on my own like I have been for the past 2 weeks , I walked away with the whole of the year behind me .

Its always the best thing to stand up to a bully, dont ever suffer in silence just because your scared of the consequences , show that you have a voice and fight your ground , Remember that respect is worth fighting for. Bullying can be a parents nightmare , with all the abuse I was receiving and then directing it at my parents,  it was hard for them because they knew something wasn’t right and they would beg me to tell them. Don’t let your parents and those loved ones around you suffer to, please speak up..Hopefully my story has helped victims out there , bullying is a disgusting act and its crazy to think in this day and age it stills goes on. Think of it this way , you are not a bully therefore you have much more purpose then your attacker so how can you be the loser?!.


Amy Xx




So I want to show you some photos of a halloween party I went to on Saturday night at the Night Owl club in Birmingham. This is one of the most popular events of the year Halloween Night so you got to go out with a bang ( or a boo hehe) and what better way to celebrate Halloween then attend A STRANGER THINGS PARTY! “QUE THE STRANGER THINGS THEME TUNE”. With the second season coming out Friday , I rushed home and spent the next 9 hours sobbing , laughing , and e5dc39fc6bdb2ade32a88625f808180fhiding behind a pillow…unfortunately I got to replace the pillow as its covered with my bloody saliva on it =/ . When we arrived Saturday night , it was literally like walking on the set of Stranger Things they did it so well!. It was full of christmas lights , 80s Memorabilia , and good Stranger things & 80’s Horror costumes. There was even Justice for BARB- a BARB Competition!.  The Costume theme was Stranger Things ( of course) and 80’s Horror so anything from Stephen King or even Steven Speilberg. 4d38f531acf20374c8830d2111dcc554The one thing i love about halloween is seeing everyones costumes and seeing how much effort people put into it , there was men dressed as Eleven , people absolutely drenched in blood , people wrapping christmas lights round them , and of course there just has   to be a Donald Trump. The music was on point 60’s,70’s,80’s, and 90’s – I quite enjoyed it without current music it would of killed the whole vibe!. I booked my tickets 2 months ago and the days were getting closer and closer.. So what was my 16fd2ff8217550260e0d119f0000b771costume going to be?.At first I was going to go as Eleven from Stranger Things with the Pink dress and some Eggo’s but I tell you what , looking for Elevens pink dress was a pain in the ass!. Of course Eleven is a popular choice for Halloween so when I got on to eBay the price of the dresses had already jumped up. Some sellers were selling just the dress for £50!..with the jacket, socks , shoes , wig to get aswell it was going to come up to £100!. So then I started looking into 80’s movies but I didn’t want to 6361d20443cf2acddbc9c6cefc9cf9f2go as common choices like Beatle juice , The Shining Twins , or Carrie . I wanted to do something a bit different and something bit out of my comfort zone..and I’m not talking about Tits out for the world to see just something people wouldn’t expect me to do …

So I started thinking and thought about 80’s movies that stood out to me and I guess Stephen Kings IT stood out the most as it always creeped me out. Pennywise would be a good choice but then I remembered the new movie coming out this year and thought well loads of people are going to do that…BUT THEN “LIGHTBULB” What about dressing up as one of the boys from the Losers Club?!. My favourite Loser by far was Ritchie sooooo I thought what the hell LETS DO THIS.

Guys I welcome you to the Loser’s Club.




Photo credict to the night Owl


Photo Credit to the night Owl


Hehe! , I think this was by far the best costume I have done for Halloween. It seemed very popular with people as people kept tapping me on the back for a picture , yes I kind of looked like a little bit of prat but Who gives a crap its Halloween dude. When I came down to show my parents they couldnt stop laughing , so much laughing that my dad lost control of his bowels and was passing wind. My reaction “Oh crap What have I done!” however it was fun to do and it made people smile. There was a group of us that went we had the lost boys , Carrie , Edward Scissorhands , Dead Madonna , and a zombie. We looked like the New Suicide squad…a very messed up and weird looking Suicide Squad. My Costume was £30 to get ! all from Amazon and eBay. I even had the Missing Ritchie Tozier poster stuck on my backpack with the words “BEEP BEEP” in blood on the back. Waking up Sunday morning with an itchy head and blurred vision is not good guys however it was so worth it ! , it was such a great night and I hope they do it again next year it was brilliant!.

So What does Everyone Think of my costume? Did I do a good job?!. Please comment below and let me know what you think!.


I do try when it comes to Halloween! :p

Happy Halloween Guys!

Amy Xx

The Versatile Blogger Award

Hey lovely’s! , as I have been stuck in bed for a couple of days to my surprise I have been nominated for the versatile Blogger award!. Thank you to Abbie for nominating me :D, A lovely blogger with a great blog and great food posts! Thank you for cheering me up lovely and keep up the awesome blog! and everyone please check out her blog  >>What Abbie Says.



So the Versatile Blogger award is where you must thank the person who nominated you and link their blog in your post, nominate fifteen other bloggers to take part in this too and also share seven facts about yourself in your blog. So here goes!

  1. Most people who don’t know me very well think Im a really shy , quiet , Timid girl..They couldn’t be more wrong..when I am comfortable with you I don’t shut up , I have this terrible laugh that sounds like Ive just put together a plan to conquer the world and I never hold back ( meaning if Im thinking it, I am defiantly going to say it 🙂
  2. I have a crazy obsession with golden retrievers .
  3. There are many things I would love to do career wise but the one thing I have always wanted to be is an actress .
  4. I have Vitiligo, this is something I have kept secret for years but now Im older I don’t really care!.
  5. I do photography and film 🙂 ,I am working towards going self employed and currently putting together a Portfolio. So if any of you guys live in West Midlands/London and need a photographer/videographer- please get in touch as I’m offering my services for free at the moment!. Please check out my Instagram page if interested →Amy Eliza Instagram
  6. I am a pretty good Agony Aunt, a lot of my friends often come to me for advice because I say it how it is..or maybe this is a bad thing?!!.
  7. I am a hopeless romantic , I LOVE ROMANCE! who doesn’t?!

I nominate ….

Laurie Redhead

Just being Nessa



I have chosen 3 bloggers who have brilliant blogs and are brilliant people,  so please make sure you give them a read.


Amy Xx


Hey lovely people!  I did a post a month ago and put together a few outfits under £100 , it proved very popular with my followers and now I’m onto No.2 4 outfits under £100. Its so annoying sticking to a budget but Sometimes we don’t want to spend over £200 on a outfit we are going to wear once ! .So I have been scouting the internet and instores to find new outfits for different occasions under budget so here is what I found  ..

Casual “Lets funk it up” Date night

Often when it comes to date nights I am always struggling and always in the middle when it comes to glamming up or glamming down. Sometimes you want to just throw a pair of pants on and a T-shirt soo why the hell not?!. Okayyyyy this outfit is 98p over but you could do a lot of swaps with this outfit for example : JEANS – you could pop down to your local Primark and pick up a pair of black jeans for £9! OR Heels- you could just throw on some simple black heels and every girl has a pair of them right?!. You dont have to hit £100 mark so you can play around with this outfit but don’t you dare think about dropping the Never Forget Barb T-shirt ( she has gone through too much)!!!.

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 18.16.51.png

Topshop Stranger Things Tshirt – £20.00

H&M Superstretch Trousers – £17.99

Boohoo Lisa Wide Fit Platform Heels – £25.00

Topshop Soft chuck on Blazer – Now £29.99

Boohoo Simple Black Clutch – £8.00

TOTAL=  £100.98  (OOPS!)

Halloween night out

Not everyone dresses up in a costume for Halloween..yes its a bit of a crime however you could possibly get away with a simple accessory or just come dressed as Autumn!. This dress is very Halloween ( please proceed to the link, Picture doesn’t do it Justice!) and would look bloody beautiful with a floral headband!. Not a big lover of flowers? well you can go to ASOS website where they have a good selection  of head gear.. you could be a Bunny , a Cat , a Princess , or a flipping Unicorn!!. Your not wearing a costume however you are wearing a pretty awesome outfit !.

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 18.14.22.png

Zara Contrast Velvet Dress – £29.99

Boohoo Ivy band Heels – £25.00

Claires Flower Crown – £8.40

Boohoo Suede Clutch – £8.00

Stila Stay All Day Lipstick Shade BACCA -£16.00

TOTAL= £87.39

Every day La de La wear

Do you ever have one of those MEH days? , where you need to pop out to the shops and can’t really be bothered to put the effort into your outfit. This is my La de La outfit where its all thrown together last minute but it actually looks pretty cool on!. DEAL ALERT : forget paying over £20 for Western Belts at Topshop, head to Boohoo and grab a bargain £5.00 for this Bad Boy Belt!..This is defiantly my deal of the month!.


Zara T-shirt – 5.99

Topshop washed Mom Jeans – £40.00

Newlook Suede grey lace up trainers – £14.99

Boohoo Western Belt – £5.00

Zara Simple Backpack – £19.99

TOTAL= £85.97

Autumn walks

Times are getting Chilly! , time to whack out that coat and rock those Chelsea boots.  I have been trying to find some navy boots for ages and stumbled on these little crackers in Primark the other day ! , my Chelsea boot collection is now complete WOOHOO.

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 18.17.14.png

H&M Embroidered Sweatshirt – £14.99

Boohoo Black high waisted Jeans – £20

Boohoo Double Breasted Coat – £45.00

Primark Navy Chelsea Boots – £8.00


Hope you all like the outfits I picked out , please let me know what you think?! and comment below :D.

Amy Xx

Goodbye Birthday and Hello to you Mr Flu

After celebrating my 26th birthday , of course I was targeted by the bloody FLU! so I have been in bed and completely out of it for a few days. I have a lot of blog post’s pending so please don’t think I’ve suddenly stopped on the blogging because I haven’t :). Its very therapeutic for me and nice to know people are interested in what Im blogging about !. On the road to recovery so lets push out these blog post hey?! and do any of my followers have any ideas in what I can blog about? is there anything you have read about on my blog and want to know more about? well leave us a message on my contact page and let me know . Also I am looking to collaborate with bloggers ! anyone who wants to collaborate please comment below or message me , and we will get some ideas flowing !.


Amy Xx